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As a Real Estate investor myself, I am very interested in talking with others about anything relating to Real Estate investments. If you would like to get involved with rehab projects or have the capital needed to invest and want more information, please let me know. I am willing to provide my expert experience, advice or professional help. Since 2002, I have been involved in hundreds of various Real Estate transactions as an agent and broker. And since early 2009, myself and my partners have been active Rehab Investors involving several homes in Northern Michigan.
Ever wanted to get involved in the business of Real Estate investments but don't want the "full hassle" of buying and selling Real Estate? Cash Investors can earn well over 10% interest on their money by working with Rehab Investors.  Cash Investors basically hold first lien position Mortgage Notes with compounded monthly interest paid or earned through-out the contract. There are no "concrete" rules about how the investment is structured - flexibility regarding contract length and other terms are possible. Let me know if you are interested. Ask me for my article that briefly explains the process of Real Estate Investing and the relationship between Rehab Investors and Cash Investors.
If you are an investor, we can share ideas...whether it be success stories or lessons learned. Please feel free to drop me an email or call me anytime.
Some of our past and current projects:
Alba House (2010):  M.R. from Traverse City made a 13% straight return on a $24,000 investment in less than 1 month! 
Honor House (2010):  M.R. is currently holding his 2nd $24,000 investment earning a projected total Return on Investment (ROI) of about 17% APR over 36 months with monthly interest earnings of about $225.
Fife Lake House (2009):  L.S. from Fife Lake made a 14.2% straight ROI on a $21,000 investment in 4 months.
Rapid City House (Early 2010):  L.S. made a 13.8% straight ROI on about a $22,000 investment over a 10 month timeframe.
South Boardman House (acquired 2009, sold early 2012): L.S. earned over 13% APR on a $23,000 investment house that was rented out until sold with monthly payments of $250. 
Kalkaska House (2011): S.S. earning over 10% APR on a $20,000 investment.
Rural Kalkaska House (2010):  R.K. from St. Clair Shores made over an 18% straight ROI with a 9 month mortgage contract (ending Jan 2011).
Mancelona House (Late 2011):  A.P from Grand Rapids is currently earning a projected ROI of at least 13% APR on a project that will mature in about 3 years.
Forest Area Credit Union is currently earning about 5% APR on a 5 year note with a house that we own by Torch Lake. (see how much less an institutional lender earns!)

In November of 2012, Mike started a new company, T C Home Development, LLC as Managing Member with a new partner that as of February 2014, has acquired 7 properties including 2 within Traverse City. These rehab home investments should yield minimum profits of at least 20% each and have employed several people in the area. 1 project is currently ongoing, 1 is being held, 3 have sold with good margins and 2 are fully complete and on the market.

Updated 2/25/14

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