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Below is the public area of our MLS system that covers Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Benzie, Leelanau, Antrim and many other Counties in Michigan (there are now 3 different Real Estate boards involved with our Regional-based MLS). 
This is an open area with the latest MLS information that is continuously updated and we do not require registration or anything like that. However, if a property has an accepted offer on it, it will generally not show that fact within the public area of the MLS. Most foreclosures, auction type properties or short sales also have specific requirements that may not be within the advertising remarks. You can always drop us a quick email if you need us to check something out for you - we are happy to help and can usually get you a quick, no hassle answer.
If you have specific questions about ANY area properties or would like to make an appointment to view something in person, please feel free to send me an email or call anytime (I am available 7 days a week).  I can also provide general area information or perform a more thorough search on your behalf. If you need a plat or tax map concerning a property that you are interested in, just let me know. I'll get it right to you. If you need Real Estate Investment guidance or need an honest assessment about an area or topic, we can do that. We want your business... and our goal is to be diligent and helpful in order to earn it. Remember, it costs you nothing to have a dedicated Buyer's Agent to represent your interests.
Thanks much and regards,
Realtor Mike at


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