River Tubing Party 7-24

So you found the tab about the river party this summer!

Either you got here because you got a postcard invitation from us or we talked to you about it and told you to look at "the details" on the website, OR, you just happened to find it because you looked at the interesting title!  It doesn't matter anyhow- EVERYONE is invited!!!

Keep in mind that this is a loosely organized event and there is no cost involved with participating. We just want to have fun with our friends, clients and the public in general. If you've never been to a river party before, you've got to come!

Every one that shows up gets an official TCarea.com can koozie.


7th Annual TCarea.com

Ruckus on the River Party

July 24th -  Saturday

We'll Start the Float right at Noon (or shortly thereafter).


In case ya don't know about tubin' on the river, I'll make this real simple...

You get your swimming gear on, put your butt in a tube and float down the wonderful Manistee River!

There is a map with directions below - so check it out, print it out and we'll see you there!

       Some thoughts and details:

Well really... you can wear what you want (of course you'll at least get half-way wet!) and you can choose either a good old mammoth truck tire tube or a fancy one with a liner, bottom, pockets and what-not or even one of those smaller $2 ones that you find at Dollar General. Bring your own tube - blow it up beforehand and transport it or have one of those plug-in air compressors for when you get to the start point. And if you want to do the lung power thing, if that applies, have fun with that. 

Now the float down the river part is what can be interesting... Usually the route that we float takes around 2 hrs, though there are many places to stop along the way and depending on your mood and the people surrounding you, it may take 4 or more hours. Usually we are out there for awhile! Sometimes people bunch up and tie their tubes together or sometimes you just go solo and either wait for, or chase after, the person tugging the drink cooler!

Which brings us to the party part:  Especially if its a real scorcher of a day, many people like to partake in consuming a few cold adult beverages along the way - which is part of the fun. Bring what you want, though glass bottles of any type are not allowed. You can bring a cooler and put it in a tube and tie it to someone. For my large group, I have this enormous cooler (that I will probably lug around myself again this year) that holds dozens of cans... this makes me a popular person since everyone wants to know:  "Where is that Mike guy with party barge?" 

As far as bringing offer stuff is concerned:

You can bring what you want on the river, however, I suggest bringing just what you need and not what you can't afford to lose - cause sometimes that happens! I wouldn't suggest bringing any type of electronics including phones and there is generally no need to bring your money, wallet, purse or valuable jewelry. If you must bring anything else, put it in a couple of ziplock bags for safety.

Since, sometimes things can get a little crazy on the river and the river can be deep in some spots, I make the general suggestion that bringing kids under 16 is not recommended (plus they usually end up whinning anyhow). This is what I'll call "An adult themed day."

Let's have some fun and go tubing!



Ruckus on the River Map & Directions (Right click to print a copy)


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